Together with Dad

I spent President’s Day weekend with my Dad in Albany. Any chance I get now, I travel to Albany to be with my Dad. The father daughter relationship is like no other. Since my mom died when I was 20, my dad is at the center of our family dynamic. We have gone through many ups and downs, wonderful moments as well as trauma and anxiety. And it all comes down to focusing on the good and looking beyond the not so good. Spending time with an elderly parent, again accepting the good and letting go of the bad, is a gift without equal. The ability to absorb love and discard pain and resentment might be my very best quality. At this moment, it certainly is what I am proudest about. It is what I sincerely hope to pass on to my children. God knows, they will have ample opportunities to discard the bad and embrace the great!

Cathee Weiss with Leonard Weiss Ex Presiding Justice Appellate Div NY State

Weiss and Weiss looking good

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