Cathee Weiss Board Member Exceptional Minds

Cathee Weiss is a proud board member Exceptional Minds, a nonprofit organization providing educational and vocational programs to autistic young adults in Los Angeles. The mission of Exceptional Minds is to provide young adults on the Autism Spectrum with customized instruction and hands on experience to earn a living in the fields of multi-media, computer animation and post production.

Many jobs in the field of digital animation require employees with exceptionally good visual skills. This is a strength for most people with autism. In addition, many jobs in this field require meticulous attention to detail, also an asset for most people with autism. While autism affects people differently, it is clear that it often results in enhanced stability in the very skills so sought after in staffing the digital jobs sector.

Exceptional Minds Board Members and Staff Includes Cathee Weiss

Cathee Weiss’s deep skills in documentary production and her passion for the cause of improving lives for children with autism is a perfect match for this organization.