About Cathee Weiss

Cathee Weiss is a communications and development strategist and a producer of numerous award winning projects.  Her credits include television specials for ABC/Disney on school reform entitled Schools That Work, KCET’s award-winning show, California Connected, the feature documentary, The Hunting of the President, and a series of one hour films for educators entitled, Creativity in the Classroom produced in collaboration with Harvard School of Education and the Disney Company. She has worked extensively with non-profits (Orthopediac Hospital of Los Angeles, Jewish Family Services, Feminist Majority, Para Los Ninos, Alliance for Climate Protection, Exceptional Children’s Foundation, After School All-Stars, among others) to create strategic communications viewed across digital platforms. She managed the non-fiction division of Mozark Productions where she oversaw and collaborated on numerous nationally recognized political films, including the 1992, 1996 and 2000 National Democratic Convention films, including The Man From Hope and The Clinton Presidental Library film.

Cathee Weiss in front of Musee Picasso in Paris

Her company Reel Life Story produces powerful biographical portraits of many known and unknown individuals and organizations. She is recognized nationally for her ability to create emotional and compelling stories that are passed from generation to generation.

In addition, Cathee Weiss is part of a team (with Marlene McCurtis, Joy Silverman and Dean Schram) producing the documentary film project, Wednesdays in Mississippi. The film project will be completed in 2012.

She has served on many nonprofit boards and is currently working with the cutting edge organization, Exceptional Minds, an educational and vocational program teaching animation to autistic young adults.

So… perhaps the most important part is left for last. Cathee is most proud of her children Sarah and Daniel, her husband Ivan, the rest of her family and her fantastic and long term relationships with friends.

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